Mitochondrial Transfer

Mitochondrial Transfer

Assisted reproductive treatments can be performed to help health pregnancy. In case of low ovarian reserve, PCOS syndromes, many IVF failure without receiving any blastocysts or reason of mitochondrial mutation may cause infertility problem. Especially for advanced maternal age together with low ovarian reserve, oocyte( egg) quality and mitochondrial quality can decrease dramatically. Mitochondria is the energy supplier of oocyte and when oocyte has lack of energy embryo development will not process properly. Also, if there is mitochondrial mutation after the birth or genetical testing for many families need an alternative to egg donation to carry up their DNA for future generations. Mitochondrial transfer will create and alternative to egg donation to achiving healthy babies.

Mitochondria are essential organelles, with copies found in varying numbers in most cells in the body. Their most significant role is in serving as the cell’s primary energy source. Mitochondria contain their own DNA, consisting of 13 genes. These genes are involved in producing and transmitting cellular energy, and are crucial in the reproductive process. It’s well known that mitochondria become dysfunctional with advancing age, which directly affects embryonic development. Therefore, the transfer of genetic material from an oocyte or zygote that contains older mitochondria, to a younger one with more active mitochondria, can help restore normal embryonic development.

Mitochondrial transfer is highly specialized medical technology that required experience and special technology and equipment. The technology can offer help to families who affected from genetic diseases by mitochondrial mutation and also patients with advanced maternal age with poor egg quality and blastocyst outcome.


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