Round Spermatid Injection

Round Spermatid Injection

Azoospermia means there’s no sperm in a person’s ejaculate. Its causes include a blockage along the reproductive tract, hormonal problems, ejaculation problems or issues with testicular structure or function. Azospermia can be treated in many case with a surgical technique or hormonal treatments. But many cases can’t give positive reaction to all these treatments. Rouns Spermatid Injection (ROSI) technique is the alternative for this group of patients who doesn’t consider sperm donation. Spermatid is the first phase of the spermatozooid with carrying up haploid DNA. Spermatid can be detect right after testicular surgery under microscope and can save under cryopreservation. After the sperm FISH test, haploidy can be proof and frozen sample can be thawed and spermatid can bu use for injection process with electrical stimulator. ROSI technique is good alternative for sperm donation in azospermia cases.


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